Championship of Ukraineamong adults

March 18 to ARC gathered athletes from all over Ukraine. Simferopol has collected more than 150 adult athletes who fought for places in the national team at this year's European Championships to be held in May in Tenerife (Spain).
Chernivtsi represented Yevhane Motovylin, Alexander Sergeev, Igor Martyniuk, Olga  Pukanova and Alexander Dozhuk.
This time Alexander Dozhuk won bronze in the category U21 (+78 kg) giving Sergey Begun in Kyiv.
Yevhane Motovylin got to the finals of their category (84 kg) affirmed its place in the team.

Team men  European Championships
-61kg, Filipovich Oleg
 -67kh-Nehaturov Dmitry
 -75kg-Goruna Stanislav
-84kg-Goruna Jaroslav
+ 84 kg-Motovylin Yevhane