Tatami cup

February 25 Club "Tay-Sen" was launched in this year on the international scene.

The capital of Hungary, welcomed us with good weather, giving a good mood. After the settlement in a comfortable hotel, we quickly gathered and visited an interesting excursion organized for us with cheerful guide. After this long gang we went to the water park where children have a lot of fun and positive.
The next morning, rested we came to the sports complex in Budapest, where he was 14 and Tatami cup. This time the event were representatives of 4 countries (Hungary, Serbia, Slovakia and Ukraine) from 50 clubs - 510 participants. The tournament took place on the new WKF rules for some athletes who have not yet acted on them was difficult on this competition.

First started to compete very young athletes aged from 6-7y.o. In this age group, we performed Turash Ostap -he won bronze in kata and he lacked a bit in kumite - fifth.

The second award to the coffer of the club took Vakaryuk Vladimir. Having reached the final of Vladimir met with a representative of Hungary. The whole fight was kept equal to the expense, no one would make a mistakes. And 10 seconds before the time Vladimir dared not ready attack, and this advantage of his opponent. As a result we have a silver medal.

Also supported the medals our cadets. Not Available Max, Vyacheslav Kalmutskiy and Yahyayev Farid - bronze. I want to commend the work of Farid in this tournament. Maybe separated it from the final (lost to Hunt 2/3) only because he was not involved in the tournament in Novohrad - had to do error correction work on the mat. Despite the defeat in the semifinals Farid gained a decisive victory in the battle for third place.

Also well broke two cadet who stayed one step away from medal - Likar Stanislav and Levitsky Denis.

I want to congratulate Sidlyarchuka Sviatoslav Yaroslavovich and club «Dzammay» with two silver awards in Yaroslav Popovych and Capac Dennis!


Congratulations to winners:
Vakariouk Vladimir-II
Turash Ostap-III
Homenyuk Makym-III
Vyacheslav Kalmutskyy-III
Yahyayev Farid-III