Results of Chernivtsi Open

May 02 in the city. Chernivtsi in the sports complex "Olympia" was one of the oldest tournaments UFK - Tournament SHERNIVTSI OPEN 2015. This year's competition was very high. You could even say that the strongest in terms of participants and organizations in recent years. We were very pleased to see representatives of Moldova and Azerbaijan, which skrasyly tournament and really made it international. Pupils our club had a chance to practice and share experiences with athletes from Azerbaijan on the eve of the competition.

Also in the championship were all the strongest clubs of our country: Union, Shogun, Champion, katana, Saint Bean, Marseille, Sparta Jan and others ... the prize fought over 520 athletes from 38 teams. Our club was represented by 18 athletes who have demonstrated a good level and bright matches.

Very pleased with the organization of the competition, for which I want to thank individually Biloskurskomu R. and S. Zolotukhin, as well as all the judging panel. This year all category began on time, and the race went according to schedule. We hope that all official tournaments Ukrainian Federation of Karate will be organized the same qualitative and collect such competitive athletes!

Congratulations to our winners!


Plyevan Alexander kata 6-7 years
Zrybnyev Maxim kumite 12-13 years to 40 kg
Manuel Nicholas kumite 12-13 years more than 70 kg

Karvatsyy Dmitry kumite 12-13 years more than 52 kg

Sokulsky Nikita kumite 12-13 years to 46 kg
Ostapenko Victoria kumite 10-11 years to 45 kg
Senyuk Andrew kumite 12-13 years to 52 kg
Mikhail Pankratov kumite 12-13 years to 52 kg