1 gold and 2 bronze at the World Championships in Germany
From 5 th to 9 th November in. Bremen (Germany) held 22 world championship for adults. Athletes from 116 countries around the world competed for 16 sets of medals.
Ukraine was represented by 15 athletes:
executioner in wheelchairs: Ulyana Smirnova
kata: Kreshchenko Anna
-50 Kg: Curve Catherine
-55 Kg: Jeanne Miller
-61 Kg: Anita Seregina
-68 Kg: Irene Zaretsky
-60 Kg: Vitaly Syementsov
-67 Kg: Hahula Alexander
-75 Kg: Stanislav Gorun
-84 Kg: Ilya Nikulin
+84 Kg: Motovylin Eugene
The teams:
Men: shoemaker, Dozhuk, Drozd, Gorun, Motovylin, Nikulin
women: Miller, Seregina, Terlyuha, Zaretsky
In the 1st and 2nd day of competition, our athletes have won a chance to "bronze fights" (battle for 3rd place), held on Saturday, Syementsov Vitaly (-60 kg), Irene Zaretsky (-68 kg) Miller (Kuz'menko) Joan (-55 kg) and Gorun Stanislav (-75 kg).
At day 3 were the team. Men's team in the first round lost to the Serbs. Girls confidently overcome meksykanok, bosniyok and slovachok but lost Egyptian (champions category). In consolation matches the team stopped turchanky that prevented the exit to the final pool. Therefore, the result - 7th place. Also on this day for the first time in the history of the world championships held 1st world championship among people with disabilities. Ulyana Smirnova category kata in wheelchairs took 1st place.
In the 4 th day of competition, our athletes were able to win two bronze: Gorun Stanislav (-75 kg) won the Egyptian and Irene Zaretsky (-68 kg), also "knocked out" the Egyptian. Unfortunately Jeanne Miller (-55 kg) and Syementsov Vitaly (-60 kg) lost and took 5 th place.
Recall that since independence, Ukrainian athletes have never sat prizes in adult world championships. 2 bronze Ira Stas and put our country on the 14th step of the team event. It is a success to which Ukrainian Federation of Karate was a long time ago. Congratulations to the athletes, coaches and federation leadership on this achievement!

Coach Eugene Motovylin our club that played in the 84 kg category, got defeated athlete from Poland 5: 1. And, unfortunately, in the second round gave the athlete from Algeria by the decision of Judges 3: 2 (with absolutely during combat 6: 6).
the team event: