VII Grand Prix Poland


November 16 in Lodz (Poland) passed an international tournament "VII Grand Prix Poland. It was attended by more than 420 athletes from 5 countries: Poland, Ukraine, Belarus, Slovakia and Russia.

Athletes from our club have shown excellent results, winning three golden medals for 3 athletes!

Karvatskyy Dmitry made a nice birthday present to himself and won a gold medal. Dmitry on competition day was 12, he looked defeated his rivals in his new category (12- 13 years, - 55kg).

Lyvytskyy Denis being in pretty good shape did not give any chance to their opponents in the category of 14- 15 years, -57 kg. With the gold in the individual kumite Denis, joining forces with athletes from Dzammay Club, also won gold in the team kumite.

Michael Pankratov showed itself in team meetings, but this time he failed to reach the medal.

During the trip, we were able to walk and relax in Warsaw and entertainment center “Manufactura” in Lodz.


Congratulations to our winners

Lyvytskyy Denis - 1mistse (personal kumite, 14-15 years, -57 kg)

Lyvytskyy Denis - 1mistse ( team kumite , 14-15 years)

Karvatskyy Dmitry - 1st place (12-13 years, -55 kg)