11th European karate Regions Championships

8-9th June was held European Championship Karate among regions in Herceg Novi (Montenegro) according to the WKF. This tournament held since 2003, initially in the form of men and women 18 (kata, kumite), and since 2007 has added a category for youth 14-17 years old. This is a unique opportunity to address not personal and team categories, while defending the flag of their country. The main leaders of the past championships are Turkey, Spain, France and our northern neighbors - Russia.

Last year Ukraine took the team medal (bronze) in the female kumite. The tournament was held in Moscow.

This year Ukraine team won two awards - bronze in men's and gold in women's kumite.

Ukrainian men’s kumite team was presented by Yevhene Motovylin (Chernivtsy), Stanislav Horuna, Jaroslav Horuna, Ilya Nikulin (all - Lviv), Denis Krylovskiy (Odessa) and Ivan Drozd (Nikolaev). Our boys in the early stages of Representatives defeated Italy and Serbia in the semifinals minimum gave athletes from Bosnia (2:3), and the match for the "bronze" victorious team from Azerbaijan (3:0). Gratifying to note the excellent performance of Eugene Motovylin. Disciple Biloskurskiy Ruslana won all four matches!

UkrainiansIrynaKaminska and Galina Melnik (Lviv), Angelica Terlyuha and Anita Seregina (Odessa) became a champion of European regions in team kumite, taking precedence over teams from Italy, Serbia, Russia and Spain.Only this year's Euro among regions participated Karate 516, representing 45 teams from 23 countries. Ukraine is overall ranked 5th place!