Muscle sorenessor

Muscle sorenessor pain in the muscles occurs after physical exertion and is caused by the release of toxins (lactic acid) from muscles. Also, this phenomenon may be due to microtraumas.
How to deal with Delayed onset muscle soreness.

In order to reduce pain, immediately after exercise should stretch your muscles and cardio benefit, for example, walk on the track for at least 7-10 minutes or 10 minutes of easy spinning the pedals!

It helps increase blood flow to the muscles, "warm" them, and the heat helps to get rid of Delayed onset muscle soreness.

A good way to get rid of Delayed onset muscle soreness - a massage. It improves blood flow, which contributes to a more rapid conclusion of lactic acid. It should make it a sports massage. Unlike a sports massage from the other species in that while it is considering holding a specialist well muscles, and, roughly speaking, the mechanical output of muscles by toxins that cause Delayed onset muscle soreness.

Another effective way to get rid of the pain in the muscles - is a sauna. Heat very well to get rid of Delayed onset muscle soreness. If you go to the sauna after a workout, it will not only enhance the effect of the occupation, but also relieve the pain in the muscles. If you during the bath treatment will make a honey mask, it is also a positive effect on the feelings and the beauty of the skin.

An alternative to the sauna, although with reduced efficiency, may become a hot bath. About 30 minutes in a hot bath will help to reduce pain.

In the fight against Delayed onset muscle soreness and helps a special diet. To relieve pain in muscles, eat foods rich in vitamin A, C and E, and drink green tea.
You need to drink plenty of fluids - 2-3 liters per day. It should be a high-quality mineral water or fruit juice.

To get rid of Delayed onset muscle soreness, you need to move more. For example, after training, the next day to make at least a 30-minute charge, after which the well-stretched muscle. At the beginning of the muscles are very sore, but at the end of the workout you will become much easier. Well in this regard aerobic exercise can help.

Keep in mind, and a good rest. Sleep is the best helps the body recover. Should sleep at least 8 hours a day, and if possible, about 30 minutes in the afternoon.

And remember, even if no action is taken, Delayed onset muscle soreness itself is on average no later than 5 days.

Successful training!